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I have passed the test today with 3 mistakes. Thank you very much! Your website was very helpful!!!



Jeg bestod teoriprøven i går og det var meget nemmere, end jeg havde frygtet. Jeres teoriprøver er meget sværere end politiets, så hvis man kan klare jeres, er det nemt at bestå. God weekend. Med venlig hilsen Calle


Visitor 44702487 12:12 PM

hej jeg skal bare sige mange tak Visitor 4470248712:13 PM jeg har bestået min teoriprøve igår med 2 fejler :)


Harold Clark

I PASSED THEORY EXAM TODAY !!!!! Thank you for the online help !!! You were very nice to help me !!! I shall continue study to help pass the practical exam... THANK YOU MAN I APPRECIATE YOUR HELP... Best Regards Harold.... 10.09.2013



ur guys are great , i passed with 3 error ,thanks to prove .dk u made it easy for me


Sharon Hu Bach

Highly recommended for anyone who is preparing for driving theory test This is a great online theory test practice system site. At first, I was joining the subscription to another online practice site referred by my instructor. But the explanations there were not enough and many errors. So I google search and found At first, the price of 49 kr. for 7 days attract my attention, because I paid 299 kr. for the last one. So I tried since it does not cost much and I already made schedule for the test 5 days after. There are total 37 tests. Some are focusing on parking and stopping laws, others are changing lanes, speed limited and many topics. Then the amazing part is the online live chat, which whenever I have questions and doubts about the answers, I text them right away and their responses were swift and in detail. They were very patient to explain to me even about my silly doubt. When I found out that the English version is only audio and without any text to read, they instructed me to change the practice format to only audio but not text for practice. I am very appreciated they have this feature so I can get used and ready for the real test. Another amazing thing is that if you pass all their tests but fail the real one at the first attempt, they will give you money back. Finally, I passed the test with 5 errors. I am satisfied with the result, since I only focused on the practice tests from the last 3 days and I failed half of their exams, but still can pass the real test. I don't think I could pass the test if I kept working on the tests from the previous site. Thumbs up with this amazing system !! Sharon ^^ 20.08.2013



I am very pleased and satisfied with the practice exams provided. They answered me all my questions and doubts from the practice test very thoroughly. I also could practice the test like the real test without text but only audio. I passed the theory test at the first attempt eventually. Thanks Very appreciated !! Sharon


Chat Visitor 168522454

hej jeg er bestået med kun 1 fejl prove.dk4:05 PM Perfekt:-) prove.dk4:06 PM Var det nemt? Kan du huske fejlen? Visitor 168522454:06 PM ja det var med overhaling Visitor 168522454:07 PM det var meeeeeeeeeegeeeeeet nemt synes jeg


Chat Visitor 64024460

hi. i just want to inform you that i passed my teoriprøve today :) thanks for the help 06.05.2013



I took my Teori test yesterday and passed in first attempt. Let me thank you sincerely for setting up the site with all the traffic situations. Had I not subscribed or the tests at I would not have been able to pass the exam on first shot. Sincere thanks once again for being online and answering promptly the questions and doubts I have had. Best Regards and sincere thanks once again. Amit. 04.03.2013


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