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Diane Young

American in Denmark Andrija was so very helpful every time I called. Without his explanations, I wouldn't have been able to fully understand the answers I got wrong. Coming from America to Denmark and learning the European way of driving/signs has been challenging, at best. The website may not be perfect, (grammatically & spelling wise), but was and is a very useful tool. Reading the manual is NOT enough to get a good grasp of situations. You really need these "real life" examples to have a good visual image of the situation. Thank you for this useful tool that enabled me to pass my test, FINALLY! :)



29 april 2015 bestod jeg den digitale teoriprøve i Hillerød og juhu (nul fejl). Jeg er generhverver med tidligere indlært basisviden, men anbefaler varmt som bedste og hurtigste teori-indlærings supplement. Og til kørelærer Andrija, - få nu nedsat hastigheden lidt og en fod på bremsen omkring forbi kørslen af heste og busser, særdeleshed udenfor tættere bebyggede områder op til fuldt optrukne midte-spærrelinier med de smukke heste?! Husk, - at det absolut er Hjælp /Selvhjælp efter gulerodsmetoden, men så venter fortjenesten og de gyldne laurbærblade også forude! Så pøj pøj til tvivlerne. hilsen E. eden Svendborg



En god side Jeg fik bestod min teoriprøve første gang, og vil anbefale denne side. En meget lille minus er, at der mangler mere forklaring på de fleste billeder, men ellers super god hjemmeside til teoriundervisning :)



Hi's support =) just want to thank you for all your support and for always answer my questions. I had my exam yesterday and i pass =) so thats very good. Good weekend Best regards, Caarolina


Niels Hauerslev

Bestod hos politiet med 1 fejl i dag.



Hey guys, i`m writting this review especially for foreigners who will give their exam in English, and are using I will try to respond to some questions i had before/about the exam: 1. You NEED to study! Doing just the tests help A LOT but it will take you more time to learn from just doing tests then studying from the book. If you study the book before or during doing the tests you will recognize the situations a lot faster, and less chances that you will choose a wrong answer. Don`t be scared it`s over 200 pages (the online book), a lot of it is BS (e.g. moped speed abilities and types) and a lot of pictures. You will get it soon what is and not important and in few hours you are done with that. I repeat, it is IMPORTANT! 2. Take notes of important things you read/learn and need to remember. It will be easier to just revise them before the exam. 3. The site is very very very usefull but i`m telling you, the pictures/situations are NOT the same with the ones used by the police, but very similar. The questions they address are kinda the same, but a little different so you need to pay attention to them. 4. The situations on are a lot trickyer, but in a good way is nice cause it will make you pay attention to EVERYTHING in the pictures and "read" the situation a lot faster at the actual exam. The bad part is that beeing used with tricky situations from you might be willing to overthink-it at the exam and at a easy situation you might say "no, this answer is to easy, i think it`s the other one". DON`T! 5.Read (make a friend translate from danish if you do not speak it) the back of the big paper with your picture on it (the one stamped by the doctor). Have all your papers you need with you (e.g. temporary driver licence - if you are changing your non-eu driver licence (important) , residential paper - NOT refering to yellow card,passport, etc). They can refuse you if you don`t have all the papers and it`s stupid cause you need to pay again and book and wait for the exam again. 6. And the last, the actual test is easier then the ones on but do NOT count on that and put less effort in studying because of this! I changed my non-eu driver licence, studied by myself not having any theory lesson or instructor to ask questions, use just (tests, book) and passed with 24 from 25, so just one mistake. Thanks to and i really wish you guys good luck! PS: Don`t be nervous! :)


Niklas Kirk

Super godt! Jeg brugte denne hjemmeside til at øve inden jeg skulle op, og jeg bestod med 1 fejl!



Hasham I have just passed my theory test :-) It wasnt very difficult to be honest, and i can relate many police questions to


Carol Missionary in Denmark

Thank you so much for your ardent help. God bless you. I have passed my exam today. Jesus is wonderful! With regards, Carol Missionary in Denmark



Great service and great learning tool! MOST IMPORTANTLY the service was great. You can ask questions/chat while taking the practice tests, and I always got quick, helpful responses, even to obscure questions. I needed to take the theory test quickly and this website was recommended to me. I thought that the slides were really good and the practice tests were challenging and laid out in an order that really helped my learning. I took many tests over a short period of time, and combined with the chat feature, I learned a great deal. The website was a huge key in helping me pass on the first try.


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